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Frank J. Malina

The remarkable life of the leader of American rocket research ,expert in the environment and a particularly unusual artist, who connected the worlds of art and science.

Chapter 1

Brief history of the family

The Malina family can be traced back nearly 400 years . They mostly lived in northern Moravia in Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, later Czechoslovakia , but some moved to other European countries and to South and North America. Frank J. Malina was the most distinguished family member and lived in the USA.

Chapter 2

Scientific-research activities

F.Malina was one of the founders of the American rocket research, a scientist , experimenter , designer , manager and also a humanist.

Chapter 3


Inspired by the modern world he continually tried to use his scientific knowledge, thoughts and imagination in both visual pictures and plastic forms.

Chapter 4


Artworks by Frank Malina could be seen from the 50s until the 80s all around the world

Chapter 5

Magazine Leonardo

Magazine Leonardo- common platform for artists from around the world dealing with visual arts .

Chapter 6


Scientist, visionary engineer, writer, publisher, artist, humanist and a humble person-that was Frank Joseph Malina.